24 Jul 2010 @ 1:46 PM 

Pdf link here

I thought of creating some spoof Test Magazine with some stuff that occurs and can occur in some of the organizations or generally in the testing world.
If someone finds this interesting please contact me, maybe we can release better editions.

The titles for this “edition” are:

Page 3:
…Friends of developers suggest testing is bad as a career
…Software company looking to duplicate current valuable employee by outsourcing

Page 4:
…”Just try and see if it works” motto of a testing team
…Some guru says there is something as best methodology in testing
…Small company decides there is no benefit in testing
…Testers forced to follow unfeasible procedures get comfort in browsing the internet

Page 5:
…Developer frustrated as being downgraded to testing
…Tester tries to get respect from dev by writing few lines of code
…Some non-interesting article on a blog presented over and over
…A group of testers agree on a new popular methodology

Page 6:
…A group of testers agree on a new popular methodology
…CEO decides to make visits in the remote branches
…Developer regains its self-esteem after passing near the testing team location
… Calm guy becomes arrogant when hears the word “tester”

Page 7:
…Developer who waste time thinks he is still better than a tester
…Young tester tells his friends he will become Test Team Leader
…Talkative guy that calls everyone stupid promoted as QA Team Leader
…Big boss hires incompetent friend as QA Manager

Posted By: Eusebiu Blindu
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