03 Aug 2010 @ 11:12 PM 

I couldn’t take out of my mind the Abe Heward’s blog post where he describes his final interview with a CEO. The culminate point  in it was this question:

“So, tell me: How are you going to guarantee the accuracy and integrity of the data?”

Its not important if the question makes sense or not, although we see the point of it. Its the perspective and the implications that it has.

I got my jobs and clients before with just a formal talk and I thank them for that. I also hope I was worth it. Sometimes was a cheap logical test or something similar.

When you have an interview for a testing related job and sense or receive a lame impression, usually after a very boring, typical, non-relevant question, you get unmotivated and wish to get over with.

If you get along with this and respond automatically with typical answers, with unproven statements, with general and boring arguments, at the end of the interview you feel dirty.

So it goes something like this:

1)You receive many stupid interview questions that you have to answer

2)You develop stupid answers, boring, unproved,general and non-specific

3)You develop an automatism with this answers

And the result:

1)You get bored and transmit the same sensation to your interviewer who maybe wanted initially to learn from you too

2)You get altered in your ability to convince a person

3)You will not be able to answer a more interesting and more practical question.

The hiring person can have different roles so take that in consideration:

1)CEO or owner will want always that his products are reliable, secure, usable, with good performance and are fulfilling the customer expectations and even exceeds it. He will take note of the technical persons that interviewed you before, but usually he wants someone that guarantees him everything is OK. Simple to say hard to do though, even for people with lot of experience.

2)A CEO or owner of an outsourcing company really doesn’t care so much what you do as long as he can take the money from his client and pay you less and this process is long enough. He will try to convince his client that you are the best and convince you that you are the worst.

His criteria will be usually bad.

3) Simple manager who will ask you questions unrelated or poorly related to your job. In this case its just like a roulette. Other skills may be important for this situations.

Some interviewers will be very sure that they know what has to be known and if you take another path it will be hard to be on the same page with them; especially if they do some checkbox checks.

Experience helps to visualize a similar problem in the past  and might help answering a related question.

The hardest is to respond to typical ones without getting bored.

Some will accept usual responses and some will accept innovative answers.

Practice  helps and maybe you should use some interviews you don’t care too much for this purpose.

Here are some other tricky and unusual questions to get a view http://blog.seattleinterviewcoach.com/2009/02/140-google-interview-questions.html.

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