05 Jan 2011 @ 4:35 PM 

I saw James Bach’s latest post and I remembered a similar situation that happened to me. It wasn’t so interesting as his, but the idea  was the same.

I created an account at Inmotionhosting.com  with username “testalways” and waited for activation. Which should have been almost immediately after the registration. After a while I called support and they told me my account was not activated indeed, because my username started with the string “test”.

They gave me another username that didn’t start with “test” and everything worked.

I have to add though, to be more specific, that the username you use for registration is not exactly the one you filled. For example I had for filling “testalways” an initial account like “testal234″ (which started with test though) that caused the trouble. So if I would have tested the application myself there, I would have looked to the entire path of account generation and activation.

Thumbs up for support though for helping there.

I know myself that is hard to simulate everything on a safe environment then deploy and hope everything is OK. So you need to do tests on the live platform. The risk is that some stuff can alter the wanted behavior.

In this case I think, with the backup of support, things were not costly. But you never know what impact these changes have. Maybe inability to activate an account causes a queue of inactive accounts till that ones is OK, depending on the design. Or other similar, unpredictable behaviors that   have a great impact.

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 03 Jan 2011 @ 10:56 AM 

I though its a good idea to add a carnival of testing blog posts, to mention some of the interesting ones. I can’t add or remember all, but I hope to do more in the future, and mention everyone I usually exchange ideas with.

Markus Gärtner ‘s latest blog post is an interesting one, where he presents his newest resources of testing challenges. You can read more here. One one the utility offered is to give ideas for interviewers for example when evaluating testers.

Pradeep Soundararajan ‘s blog is one of the most known among testers and I really liked his latest post. I also post a comment on it to show my view.

Shmuel Gershon‘s blog has interesting resources, among them there is a tool for reporting. Check it out here . His latest post contains a series of very interesting small presentations from EuroStar.

Zeger Van Hese has a post here that I really like because it involves real life example applied to software testing. I think we need more of those.

Ajay Balamurugadas has a post about setting objectives. It appears to really work since I saw he accomplished a lot on testing side last year.

Darren McMillan ‘s blog is a new one, but already noticeable. His reflections on last year are here.

Michael Larsen ‘s post with his most popular posts of 2010 is here .

This is about for now. I hope I will present other interesting blogs and posts in the future.

Posted By: Eusebiu Blindu
Last Edit: 03 Jan 2011 @ 10:57 AM

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