03 Feb 2011 @ 9:09 PM 

These days it seems to be a little of an issue the dispute between Google and Microsoft. It started  with “Google: Bing is Cheating, Copying Our Search Results”,  in which there were accusations that Bing is using the Google engine for its own results. Then it was this post, as a response “We do not copy Google’s results”, in which Microsoft tried to deny stuff. Then again “Microsoft’s Bing is using Google search results”.

Well, I guess it raises interest, but I also think not too many care that much about. People use Google because is simpler and it is useful and they got used to it. Its is a philosophical/legal/many-other-perspectives issue between the two corporations, but as long its a good search engine there, its all fine.

However, no engine is really perfect. As an example I have this:

Try to Google search for images, with the default filter (“Moderate”), by entering this as query:


I don’t think though the results are very “moderate”, at least at the time of writing this post.
(used my experience from a while ago as Internet Assessor at Lionbridge, where I  had to rate the search results based on a query, for the main engines :) )

Every engine could do better and for that competition is a necessity.

This gave me ideas to play with some queries related to my website and my usual ID “testalways”.

1) Google curiously does not return my website after querying “test always”. And a while ago it did show it like 5th or 6th.

2) Yahoo tops my website first for the same query.

3) Bing also tops my website first

4) Ask.com doesn’t top my website first, but within top 10. It looks btw like Google results a while ago :)

5) AOL search doesn’t show anything within first results related to my website.

Well that is strange that Google doesn’t show it. Maybe because I tweet it  :)

Now about what is the best result for “test always”, I think I have to agree a little bit with Google’s. I actually used very rarely “test always”, and only when I say that I don’t test always, but most of the time :)

So “testalways” is an ID, not necessarily  referring to “test always”. Indeed it suggests that, but its still an ID primary.

I kinda like it, whether its not correct, to have it as first result.

Edit: after I wrote this post I am able to see my website within top 10  results in Google search…

Posted By: Eusebiu Blindu
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