24 Apr 2011 @ 7:00 PM 

Another session was this Saturday, actually sessions (+WT and WTA). Its very good considering there were basically 6h for those willingly to join.

Even that I proposed the mission and got to play a little before the actual meeting, I think I got more knowledge about boundary testing and limits.

Everything will differ for a product and environment, but in this context I saw:

-a chat message goes through many locations. As we assumed (read the transcript) it will be probably be an Xml record at one point, then maybe a db record. Depending how the data stream is sent, we will probably have another set of limits.

-in testing limits we can actually do (without even trying)  security testing or Pen testing. So we should be also careful from the legal points of view.

-the boundary depends on the input. An alpha numeric char differs from another char. An example used were kanji (Japanese) chars (“Petteri Lyytinen: I tried to paste a text string that is 32768 kanji characters” ..”only showed the two dots”)

-anything too big is truncated (or should be truncated in some situations) and the process of truncation can be different in some cases, some unexpected

-some parts cannot be tested easily (or in the required time interval) like the history containing large messages

-tools help – this time we used one available, but in other cases tools need to be built up

Thanks to the participants:

Anna Baik, Ben Simo, David Vydra, Kristjan Uba, Lalitkumar Bhamare, Michael Larsen, Narasimha Reddy, Nitin Purswani, Petteri Lyytinen, Santhosh S Tuppad and Eusebiu Blindu (as host)

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