01 Nov 2011 @ 5:14 PM 

On the 26-28 th I participated to the “QA&TEST 2011 conference”. I didn’t know too much about it before going there, but I was pleasantly surprised by the way it was organized.

The city of Bilbao is awesome at day and at night. It looks very calm and relaxed, not like a very big metropolis. I enjoyed the Guggenheim museum visit.

I couldn’t relate to all the presentations there, but definitely is a way to see what is done in the testing industry in some parts.

Did my workshop in the second day, using an application that you can find here www.testalways.com/Bilbao/. This presentation had the purpose to show a test project in a simplistic way, in which cost, risks coverage have to be considered like in a real situation. It used gaming and interactive ideas from James Bach and Michael Bolton. My skills and way to show it are not close to theirs. So I prefer to take the criticism for the bad part and they deserve the credit for what is good.

Met some interesting people like Michael Stahl, who Shmuel recommended before; Malini , which I knew from the EuroStar video competition I participated and who gave nice words for my workshop; Ray Arell seems like a nice person to talk to; also the other great people I’ve met that I don’t remember now. Thanks for all who tweeted related to my workshop.

Thanks also for the organizers  Software Quality Systems S.A.(SQS) who did a very nice job.

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  1. Rupesh Dev says:


    Good to know about the happenings related to QA and Test domain.

    I was wondering what could be the morale of the application you tried to show from http://www.testalways.com/Bilbao/ ?? I mean in your own words on what context did you use this application?

  2. Hi Rupesh,

    Thanks for the comment. I think I forgot to make a more explicit post related to that application. Its never too late though.
    The application was used for more than one reason:

    1) To link software testing to the idea of solving puzzles
    2) The puzzle showed a interdependency between time, cost, priorities, risks that we have to deal as testers
    3) Looks better and less boring to present an interactive application like that to a conference;

    The context you asked might differ from one organization to another. But every organization has to deal with this dimensions: time, costs, risks, coverage, mood and many undefined ones.

    Also is related to the “more systematic testing” that is just an illusion to sell to managers, and is an utopian thinking. Most testing is done to cover appearances, satisfy egos etc than actual coverage.

    You could have covered the image revealing in the “more systematic way” that most do, by sectioning virtually into a matrix, and check if there are possible issues. However is still only a dot in a larger square. Just like real application testing.
    You could have covered everything, but the cost would have been too high. Most companies are limited in regards to spending for testing.
    I could have shown the code, or it could have been cracked, but in that time ( which simulates the time in a project) you couldn’t get anything useful out of it. Seeing code in many testing projects doesn’t help.
    So the key is PRIORITIZATION.
    I will also try present next year at some conferences a simple application in which I will try to show that important bugs cannot be found using only linear approaches, like in most companies today.

  3. Rupesh Dev says:

    Hi Eusebiu,

    This is explained at its best. I think the morale is quite clear, Bugs are there hidden as always, but what we need is vision and as you mentioned in the end “Only Linear approach to the bugfinding/defect management” doesn’t help much is very true.

    Keep up the great work !! Thanks.

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