19 Feb 2012 @ 9:59 AM 

All companies want “test automation”. Managers that never tested think they need “test automation”. Test managers who don’t like to code want someone with “test automation”. Fresh students who were just hired know “test automation”. Because of that recruiters want “test automation” for “QA”. Testers are encouraged to know “test automation”.

But when asked to think about it or describe what is that, no one wants to answer, either because it doesn’t need any explication or its like those concepts like “life”.

When people do “test automation” the following happens:
- time is spend in creating some scripts and maintaining it and eventually is not as “faster” as was ideally though it would be
- people are bored and unmotivated because the job just becomes a sub developer position at every level, especially payment; they eventually might choose to be totally change their lives and become tourist guides :)
- people quickly want to change their task and want to advance so they won’t do that anymore, but tell others how useful is “test automation” to do all day
- because there is not too much time to investigate the purposes and needs of some functionality, simple checks are done under the cover up of “test automation” or mocking assertions where everything passes.
- fake data is generated for managers who don’t care anyway except their own job
- parts of application code is just copied and adjusted a little bit to work as test automation
- if bugs to customer appear often, of course “we need to hire more test automation guys”

Here is how I see those concepts:

Testing is the activity performed by the person, not by the tool, including decisions, use of skills.
If I do scripts that’s not testing. That’s scripting. Testing is when I make the decision of creating a tool that will help me.
Automation can be the process of using scripts to help with testing. Populating a database with data every week/day for me to test that is automation. A script to install the application every day on my computer, that’s automation.
Occasionally the automation might check an expected result: like when I use selenium to do some web application steps and check if some data is present and that data is as expected. I call that automated checking. Its not testing. Its just while I was doing testing I though of the need of expanding my reach by using a tool.
And because of that the term “test automation” or similar associations between testing and automation doesn’t make sense. It is used improperly most of the time and its referring at some low level development.

Posted By: Eusebiu Blindu
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  1. Thank you for sharing this post. Automated software testing does save time and money but having said that, manual testing will always be a better option for mission critical projects.

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